Krug 1996 Vintage Champagne 75cl Gift Box

Krug 1996 is undeniably extraordinary, a Champagne that first caresses the senses with its rich aromas and its firm texture before exploding in a bouquet of freshness. The story of 1996 captured by Krug is the result of a blend of Chardonnay (31%), Pinot Noir (48%) and Meunier (21%) coming from 17 different growths. Contrary to what people can believe, 1996 was not an easy vintage, to deal with this extreme freshness is always a challenge. Today, Krug 1996 is a very charismatic Champagne, still very young. It is like a ‘wild horse’, galloping between extreme maturity and extreme freshness and I am sure it will probably experience different stages and facets through its ageing.

Krug 1996 is also the last Vintage blended by three generations of the Krug family working together; Paul II, Henry and Remi, and Olivier. 1996 is often compared to the legendary 1928. At the House of Krug, even Paul Krug II, known for his strictly objective observations, also noted it may well have been “the next 1928”. In other ways, it was strange and eccentric, it is also known as something of a ‘wild horse’, galloping between extreme maturity and freshness.

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